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This memorial website was created In Loving Memory Of Brianna Mariah Lopez Our loved one. Who was born premature, in New Mexico on February 14, 2002 and passed away on July 19, 2002 . We will remember her forever (*Even though her family does not want us to!!!!*) Brianna was only Five months & Five Days old, and suffered some of the worst abuse imaginable for a child that age. The abuse resulted in the death of this poor baby girl.


On record are allegations of sexual abuse, being shaken and beaten,

over 13 adult sized bite marks as well as other lacerations and contusions over her entire body. Injuries to her genital and anal area were also found ."She had bite marks on her face, cheek, head, arms, legs, chest, torso, everywhere."Bite marks throughout her body; that were old and new, She had skull fractures that were old and new.

"She had bleeding on the brain both old and new which means she had been abused physically her entire life."

Baby Brianna suffered two rib fractures on the right side of her chest several weeks before her death. She also had bucket handle fractures on both her right and left thigh bones as well as a fracture through the top of her left arm. These injuries were the result of her limbs being forced, twisted, or yanked. "Literally bruised from head to toe, from the top of her head all throughout her body all the way to the big toe on her right foot.

She was beaten and raped by her own family.

"Massive bruising on the head, and then her little fingers were lacerated,& a bruise on her big toe on her right foot," Brianna's family called 911 and said that she had fallen out of her chair and was no longer breathing.


On trial for her death were Brianna's mother, Stephanie Lopez who is accused of murdering her, her father, Andy Walters and an Uncle,
Steven Lopez who are accused of sexually abusing her and murdering her and her Grandmother, Patricia Walters and one other Uncle, Robert Walters Jr., who face charges of failing to report child abuse. Brianna's uncle Steven , her father Andrew and her mother Stephanie are facing the most time in prison. Though NONE of them will serve enough time to make up for what they did to this innocent baby girl. In Las Cruces, New Mexico there is a small grave of a baby that has been fenced in and locked up. No one can get to the grave to lay flowers or grieve. District Attorney Susana Martinez says this is just another way that Brianna Lopez's parents are causing this precious baby pain, even after her death."They are isolating her not only in her life but also in her death."

Susana Martinez asked for the maximum punishment possible for all of them. Sadly, their sentences do not fit their crimes. It took a jury of seven men and five woman nine hours to find all of them guilty.

Andy Walters, the father, received a mere 57 years in prison and
her Uncle Steven Lopez received only 51 years for sexually abusing
and causing the death of Brianna due to abuse and neglect.

Stephanie Lopez, her mother received a very short sentence of 27 years in prison for child abuse and neglect resulting in death. The Jury decided that she was not guilty of intentional abuse since she
did not inflict the abuse but had allowed it to take place.

Brianna's Grandmother, Patricia Walters and her Uncle, Robert Walters Jr each got off easy with only 60 days in jail for failing to
report the abuse and save Brianna's life.

As each guilty verdict was read, the Lopez and Watlers families
showed their emotions by embracing and crying. The only one of
the defendants to show emotion at that time was Steven Lopez who is the twin brother of Stephanie, put his head in his hands and started to cry.

When the jury was dismissed and had left the court room, the
defendants then began to show their emotions by crying and
hugging their lawyers who tried to console them. Stephanie and Steven were allowed to hug each other and cry before being lead out of the court room by guards. Susana Martinez, District Attorney had this to say:"To say this child was beaten head to toe is not an exaggeration.""I find their statements extremely self-serving. It's all about how I feel, what I've gone through, how life has been difficult for me since I've been arrested. It's all about I, I, I, and never there was an empathy for Brianna."

There was one woman who spoke up for Brianna. A great Aunt
name Rosanne Garcia stated:

"I heard them pleading for mercy for them not to be
given so many years and they all had defense attorneys
to help them but who was there for Brianna when she was
being violated and abused."

"The time that they are going to get, is not going to be enough"


 <This is for Brianna's mother>

Today there will be silence mommy,
no crying will you hear.
I didn't mean to anger you,
I just wanted you near.

Today there will be sleep again,
I won't cry out in vain.
The nights I needed comforting,
were filled with hurt and pain.

How could someone so big and strong,
strike out at little me?
I was a gift, your baby Girl
unwanted now, I see.

Today there will be love at last,
On angels wings I'll soar.
Way up high, above the clouds,
through heavens golden doors.

So mommy, say a prayer for me,
for the life I'll never know.
I just wish you could have cared for me,
for I would have loved you so.......



For every child who cries at night

Alone with shame and fright

For every child who wants so much

To only feel a gentle touch

For the beaten child, who cries in pain

Whose tears run silent, like the rain

For the child used to satisfy lust

Who never learns to love or trust

For the child taken from her/his home

And made to feel so all alone

For the child whose home is just a shell

Where life becomes a living hell

For the child who smiles but cannot feel

Because of scars too deep to heal

For every child who yearns for love

I hope and pray to God above

To hear your cries and heal your pain

And give you back your life again
~Author Unknown~


A Video I made for Baby Brianna's 9th Birthday,Please Copy & Paste the link below into your search bar to view the video.

A Video I made for Baby Brianna's 9th Angelversary Please Copy & paste the link below into your search bar to view the video.

For those who are interested in sending flowers to Baby Brianna's Grave..Here is a florist that will deliver flowers to her final resting place..

1300 S. El Paseo
Las Cruces, NM 88001


Tributes and Condolences
My Love for you   / Britany Reyes
I wish you could have been mine to hold, love and protect. I cried today when I read your awful story for the first time. Im so glad your pain ended, and now you smile and play in heaven. I pray for children suffering in the hands of demons like your...  Continue >>
Its now 2016   / Petro Conradie (Non)
My son was born in 2002 they would been the same age now I was pregnant when this happend tn baby brianna and creid i stil cry to this day she died on my moms bday somthing one cant forget she will always be in my memory and hart i know she is sav...  Continue >>
You are an Angel   / Tara Ingersoll (Someone who cares!! )
Dear Brianna, When i heard of this AWFUL stuff that happen to you my heart broke and tears came to my eyes. THEY r monsters. REST IN PEACE BRIANNA. IM so sorry the pain u endured by the people that were suppose to protect you and love you. They ALL ...  Continue >>
I do not understand.....why   / Noah Hursey (someone who cares )
I do not understand why anyone would commit such atrocities against one so helpless..especially the ones who are suppose to love and protect her..I do not understand why a mother who is suppose to be nuturing and would put her life ahead of her child...  Continue >>
unforgivable  / Tammy Mativa (someone who cares )
It was unforgivable what was done to you...the neglect..abuse..the utter disreguard to your wants ands needs..not to be loved..kissed...held..or even wanted.It is unforgivable to be given a gift from God above and committ such abominations to one so ...  Continue >>
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A hope that never was..  / Gabriel Galaz (N/A)    Read >>
Such a sweet, precious angel  / Riza Soriano (Someone who cares )    Read >>
Such a sweet, precious angel  / Riza Soriano (Someone who cares )    Read >>
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Her legacy
Baby Brianna Bill Signed Into Law.....    The Baby Brianna Bill, or Senate bill 166 is now officially New Mexico law.

For the hundreds who showed up for the signing of the bill, it was a powerful and historic moment.

With the stroke of Governor Bill Richardson's pen, the Baby Brianna Bill was signed into action.

As we've reported, it makes child abuse resulting in death a first degree felony in New Mexico - carrying a mandatory sentence of 30 years in prison.

Dona Ana County District Attorney Susana Martinez says, "To see him finally sign it meant there was no going back."

Among those who came to witness the event were two parents.

One was 17 year old father John Moore, whose three week old daughter Jazelle was beaten to death in Truth or Consequences this past January.

Linday Haywood's son Joshua was beaten to death by his stepfather in 1986. Linda wrote a poem for all the children who have died, with no one to speak on their behalf.

Do you remember how you used to bath me at night?

Do you remember how you used to hold me so tight?

Do you remember how you used to make me smell so good"

Do you remember how you used to tell me how you loved me more than anyone else could?

I remember... how you told me that love was not supposed to hurt - but somehow, you forgot about our love.


Senate bill 166 will not be grandfathered.

That means that parents across New Mexico currently awaiting trial for child abuse resulting in death cannot be sentenced under the new law.                                                       
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